What the Doodle!? v1.0.41

Dodano: 2010-11-15 20:55 : 2010-11-15


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What the Doodle!? is a real-time online multiplayer draw-guess game that features a variety of game modes, Private Games, High Scores, Personal face doodles, integrated Voice Recognition + more! What the Doodle!? Android Game is an overall winner of Google’s second Android Developer Challenge for a reason… creative addictive fun! What the Doodle is an online multi-player Charades type game somewhat similar to Pictionary where you are given a word to draw/doodle and see if others can guess your word; in turn you try to guess what the other person is drawing and you’re awarded points if you succeed or deducted if players don’t guess your word. What’s cool about What the Doodle is the uncertainty of the players involved; you may have someone who doodles well or not. You can “Accuse” people who you think are cheating. I funny anecdote while playing this game. My word to draw was “ponytail”, so I drew a girls head with emphasis on the ponytail then drew an arrow pointing to it. Someone guessed it right, then I got a notice that I had been accused of cheating, so I wondered who and shortly found. It was the player who soon started cheating themselves by writing the keyword versus drawing it; ironically the game detected this and popped up an alert asking each player if you suspect another player of cheating, once majority of confirms it boots the player. Gripe Alerts: One thing that is an unfortunate bummer is that lag (average of 5-10 seconds) before you start seeing anything your competitors are drawing. Not that it is necessarily the app itself but dealing with various Internet connection speeds of players factor largely. An “Erase” feature would be nice, the only option you have is to “Clear” the whole drawing and redraw. The drawing controls are simple, just not quickly intuitive to toggle when trying to draw your keyword fast.        

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