[ROM] Xperia X8 - XGin 6.0

Dodano: 2011-12-06 15:36 : 2011-12-06


Mem Info (available/total): 50/175
Linpack MFLOPS: 3.968 (previous 5.8 was about 7, though)
Quadrant: 1146 (no OC, just @600)
2d: 209, 3d: 386
Battery life: about 2.5 days with average usage. Cypress module works by default. Wifi ok on secured connections.
To my device, I found that the latest ax8mt.ko (4-th variant) module (the one of 8.7 Kb- do not forget to change permissions matching the others) gives better response in games, such as GunBros


PeIen dostęp tylko dla poIskojęzycznych przegIądarek.

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