Dolphin Browser HD   v3.0.0

Dolphin Browser HD v3.0.0

Dodano: 2010-11-18 22:59 : 2010-11-18


  • Wersja: 3.0.0
  • Rozmiar: 1448 kb
  • Licencja: Poleć

We highlight the following items in Dolphin Browser HD V3.0.0 in order to let you get a general idea of the new version: Performance improved A new settings page Add option for Exit through menu button in Settings Add option to Clear Cookie when you exit Dolphin Browser HD in Settings Add option for New tab action (Now you can change back to “Go to left Bookmarks side bar” directly when clicking “+”) Add option for Volume Key Action in settings (Now you can choose to use volume key to scroll your page, switch tabs, or just a volume controller) Add option to disable showing recently closed tabs’ links in new tab page Add option to disable the search suggestion when you try to use the address bar to enter the URL or the keywords you want to search via Google Notes: You can visit this post to see user-friendly guide for the new settings page along with the new options. Add ipad user agent Add “Set as” & “Copy URL” option when you long press a image in the webpage Fixed Force Close bugs Optimize the installation package, from 1.7M to 1.4M Fixed “the left slide bar issue” on Dell Streak and other android tablets Change the entry of the history tab, now you can access history more easily, just like what you do to access the bookmarks management.  

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