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Rozpocznij walkę i obroń swoją krainę od Różowych Miśków. Wystrzel je wszystkie i nie daj się pokonać.

REQUIRES OFFICIAL OS 2.2 or higher. Fully tested on EVO, DROID X, Nexus One, Nexus S, and the GALAXY TAB with 2.2 or higher.

WARNING! Will NOT run well or at all on older devices such as DROID, Hero, and Moment. BATTLE BEARS is an intense 3D action game that requires the latest high-end devices.

★★★★★ Best Games of the Year -TouchArcade
★★★★★ Top 100 iPhone Games -iLounge
#1 Action & Adventure Game in US, Canada, UK, Australia, and China!

“Battle Bears is a must have!” -SlideToPlay

“A survival shooter with a ridiculous story line that is almost worth the price of entry by itself.” – Touch Arcade

“The story for Battle Bears is hilarious, it’s one of the main reasons I kept on through the levels.” -TouchGen

"That one game that brings everything you've experienced up to that point sharply into focus. A gaming epiphany... Friends, I have found that game, and it is Battle Bears."

"This is the Pulp Fiction of iPhone games."


BATTLE BEARS stars OLIVER, a teddy bear stuck behind enemy lines who must fight off unending waves of Pink Bears wishing to HUG HIM TO DEATH.


HOW TO PLAY: Use one thumb to aim and the other thumb to tap-and-fire.


To PAUSE the game: Tap on the pink bear icon next to the score.

To QUIT the game: Pause the game, then hold down the RETURN Button for at least 2 seconds.

To SKIP a Cut Scene Movie: Tap on the screen during the movie.

To fire the LASER: Press and HOLD for a long time while using your other thumb to aim the laser beam. Aim at COLBEAR's feet, hands, and face!

Takes a little while to load. Asset download required at start.


Support, news, and T-SHIRTS at:

BATTLE BEARS is a registered trademark of SkyVu Pictures Inc.

Recent changes:
BBZ Add On required for this app.

Latest version: 1.0.5 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)

PeIen dostęp tylko dla poIskojęzycznych przegIądarek.

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